Development Services

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Coding your web application well is much like breathing life into it. For without the proper infrastructure no application will perform as you expect. We believe any vision is achievable with proper planning, and happily accept whatever challenge you can bring us.

Offering expertise in many coding disciplines we commit to getting the job done with absolute professionalism from start to finish. We openly tell you that we prefer open source routes when starting a project, but not without reason... primarily because it saves our clients time and money on their investment.

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In recent years Content Management Systems (CMS) have fast become the goto option for most websites. This is not without good reason, because CMS's typically provide a solid groundwork from your your site comes to life.

We offer expertise and experience in e-commerce platforms such as the powerful Magento system, but also work heavily with it's smaller but still very popular counterparts such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and others. We'll never tell you that one is better than another, rather we'll work to understand your very specific requirements and recommend the best option for your investment.

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Search Engine Optimization is what we consider an activity, not a task, because being found online is more than a perfectly structured site. In order to achieve the best visibility for your business online a consistent approach has to be developed.

It may be no surprise, but leveraging the many social networking communities available will get you the best results. This may include writing and maintaining a blog that highlights what you offer, or it may be tweeting or posting tasty morsels about your products. In the end, based on your budget and need Zapus will help to design the right approach to meet your goals.

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HOSTING: Choosing your web host has more to do with success than you might realize. Because of that, we offer only the highest quality hosting options to achieve the best SEO results and user experience possible. Ask us about this if you want to learn more.

CUSTOM CODING: Not every solution is a simple one and sometimes only a customized option is what you need. We provide skills in languages such as PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, JQuery and Javascript. If you require complex DB interaction we specialize in MySQL, MS SQL and more...

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Zapus takes tremendous pride in quality of service and professionalism. Therefore when you work with us, you should only expect excellence in product development, design, implementation and post production support. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure your experience from start to finish is the absolute best possible.

We also know that the web doesn't stop working. Because of that we will commit to being as available as possible to make sure you have minimal down time in the rare event you experience any problems.

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We have many vaulable partners that help us acheive your goals and vision, but there are always some that stand out amongst the crowd, offering some of the best solutions and support available.  For those reasons we like to highlight those below.

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Cartspan provides eCommerce Integration for QuickBooks, Peachtree (Sage 50), and Amazon